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Jackpot Types
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Whether they are Linked Jackpot Slots or Standalone Jackpot Slots, there are basically two jackpot types: Progressive Jackpot and Mystery Jackpot. Jackpots can be won by playing either of these two types of slot machines.


A Progressive Jackpot is a jackpot for slot machines where the jackpot size depends on the amount of play, normally there are four Progressive Jackpot types: Mega, Major, Midi and Mini.

As opposed to a Mystery Jackpot, there is no ceiling amount for a Progressive Jackpot and players are motivated to bet to win the largest jackpot amount. Since slot machines are linked together to form one large progressive jackpot, jackpot prizes can be won by anyone playing at any time.

Usually, only the player with the most valuable symbols is qualified to win the jackpot and those symbols are different for each machine and game. For instance, the most popular machine in Mocha - Great Escape, six balloon symbols are required to win the jackpot.


Each Mystery Jackpot is assigned a minimum and maximum cash value and the jackpot must be won somewhere within a certain range. Compared to the Progressive Jackpot, the most valuable symbols are not required to win the Mystery Jackpot and therefore, there are more frequent wins. An optimal strategy can be formulated by players on their own when selecting a machine to play.


It only takes a few minutes and you can learn how to play slots straightaway!


  1. All coins into the slot machines will be converted to credits
  2. Value of the coins inserted will be converted to an equivalent value of the credits for different slot machines
  3. You can cash out the credits anytime


  1. Payline is a line or lines that cross through one symbol on each reel in which a winning combination is evaluated
  2. Chance of winning is higher with more payline combinations selected
  3. Suggestion: Your chance of winning is higher if the most payline combinations are chosen as opposed to less payline combinations with higher bets

The number of credits per line per play

  1. The more the bets, the more the amount of money won


  1. It will substitute for other symbols on the line
  2. When the substitute is part of the winning combinations, the winnings will be multiplied in some games
  3. When the substitute is part of the winning combinations in free games, the winnings will be multiplied and therefore higher
  4. Form and the multiply winning amounts of the substitute may vary depending on machine types


  1. In most slot machines, whenever 3 Scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels, this will trigger the free game feature
  2. In most games, when the scatter is part of winning combinations, the winnings will be multiplied

* Machine types may vary from the examples cited. The information above is for reference only. There is no guarantee that players will win.